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Pricing Disclaimer:
Prices are approximatons of your wholesale cost with the licensee discount figured into the total.

Please note that Philadelphia and other counties may add additional sales taxes and therefore the total price may be more.

Ordering Information:
If you wish to place an order online with Shiffrin Selections you must be a licensed alcohol retailer in the State of Pennsylvania

If you are a retail customer or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for ordering information.

Any orders placed with Shiffrin Selections online must be entered by our account representative with the PLCB special order system. We will endeavor to contact you after you place you order and verify that your order is correct. The State of Pennsylvania liquor control board does not allow distributors / wholesalers to transmit credit card or any other monetary transactions over the Internet. At the present time, the Pennsylvania liquor control board acts as the wholesaler and your order must be paid to the PCLB at your PLCB store or licensee service center. Please contact us for more information.

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January 2009
Restaurateurs of Pennsylvania and Delaware may now enjoy serving wine from Fairhope Vintners of Napa.The 2006 vintage is an outstanding value at $45 a bottle.

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This issue features Robert Biale Wines, the Schuetz Oles Wines, White Rock Claret #1 Wine & Spirits, and several restaurants that have adopted Shiffrin Wines.

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